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Massage: The Gateway to Wellness

Everyone Loves to be touched!

Well, that’s not true, some people for one reason or another, just don’t like it. But for those of us who can appreciate a good massage, often this is our gateway to a journey of wellness. Through massage, my clients and I have gained better immune systems, started to exercise more, begin to make better life choices and have become more body aware.

We are such physical creatures, and how your body is feeling is how most people know when something isn’t quite right. Whatever your journey was that eventually brought you to becoming a massage fan, there is something undeniable about the magic of healing touch. Once you start your wellness journey with massage you will see how your body will “unwind” and uncover body challenges you may have forgotten about or have put to the side. Through regular massage you will start to remember to put your health first again and to also acknowledge everything is connected. EVERYTHING is the symptom of something else. Whether it is what we are eating, how we are sleeping, if we are resting enough, stretching enough, exercising enough, etc. Wellness is a chain of actions and events inside of us. Living in optimum wellness is listening to what our bodies need and making these adjustments so we can feel better.

The first thing everyone one of my clients has experienced is noticing the other places in their body where they are feeling sore or discomfort. After working on the main areas of complaint, my clients then start to see which muscles are not only sore but are also short and need to be lengthened. During a session, my client may acknowledge that they have been unusually stressed out, or have been doing more laborious work than usual. It is important to communicate these things to your Massage Therapist, because it gives your Massage Therapist a better picture of what plan of action to take to make you feel better.

Towards the end of each session and also during the “touch-in” after the session, it is very common for my clients to have many questions. The most often asked questions I get are.

  • “How come my muscle feels so sore there?”
  • “Are my muscles supposed to be that way?”
  • “How do I prevent this from happening again?”
  • “What stretches would help me?”

The most common topics that arise when I am working with a client in regards of what would be helpful are anything from stretching, posture, specific exercise styles that would fit them, nutrition, and self improvement in the way of making sure they are taking time out for themselves.

Through massage I have experienced my own wellness journey and have witnessed the journey of my clients. I have seen my clients change how they are eating, increase how often they stretch, take on a new personal nutrition program to detox themselves, and increase their exercise. Wellness is a journey, and through massage you can uncover where your path starts by feeling better in your body first.

Check out our services page. There are all kinds of massage out there, try one out and start on your wellness path.


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