About The Bodywell

About The Bodywell

The Bodywell specializes in therapeutic massage. Helping people with the aches and pains of a weekend warrior workout or a highly active lifestyle. We use our knowledge of the body to help guide us in what techniques would be most beneficial to you.

The Bodywell was created as a standalone massage practice, which supports people who are creating self-empowerment and positive changes in their lives through a wellness approach. The company was established in 2004 by working through a Chiropractic Office in Santa Clara. By 2008 the company’s client base had grown that it required a full time therapist. Today the company’s success has grown a much larger client base. The company differs from other practices due to the staff’s knowledge of the human body, the variety of services and high quality of massage.

About our owner

Graduating from Trinity College in 2004 where she studied anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, nutrition and massage modalities (Swedish, Strategic Swedish, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Sports, Chair Massage, Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy). Mrs. Inay has continued her education with Seifukujitsu (Okazaki Restoration Therapy), Guided Breath, Myofasial Release, Pregnancy Massage, Synergystic Massage and Hot Stone.

Mrs. Inay started her massage therapy career in a chiropractic office, and at the same time started to establish and grow the company into the business it is today. In July 2008 Mrs. Inay resigned her position at the chiropractic office and focused her attention solely on the company. Having had the experience of working in different positions in various startup companies, Mrs. Inay brought together an advisory business team in accounting, marketing, sales and customer service to grow the company to the success it is today.